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Chisol Factory Toothbrush 0.18mm Bristle (Made in Korea) - Recommended by 10,000 Dentistry in Korea.


Experience Maketh Quality

Commissioned by more than 10,000 dentistry in South Korea


Define your teeth

- 39 edge hole, 2200 bristle : Made thinner, deeper and richer ‘life toothbrush’.

- 2.5cm head size : Suitable and comfortable size for asian oral cavity.

- Optimized rounding head : The small head size is designed to allow the inner molar to be wiped perfectly.

- Soft slim brush(0.18mm) : Minimize irritation of the gums. It relieves and prevents gum disease.

- Ergonomic handle : The streamlined structure reduces the pressure of brushing teeth, and the three lines prevent slipping

- 5 component coatings : Each toothbrush is coated with a different component


We use PBT from the world's no.1 carbon fiber maker ‘Toray’ to make the bristles, use the best quality among slim brush. The bristles effectively penetrate deep between teeth with minimal gum irritation, eliminating plaque.


A safe toothbrush

- BPA free

- Toxic element not detected

- Antibacterial certified(99.9%)


Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months Material : Handle-PP / Bristle-PBT



Chisol Factory Toothbrush 0.18mm Bristle (Made in Korea)

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