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Experience Maketh Quality
Commissioned by more than 10,000 dentistry in South Korea

Just 10 seconds!

Solution to bad breath
- Optimized wide scraper : Don’t need to wipe many times. Wipe left, right and center for 10 seconds.
- 11 layers of scraper : Increases the adhesion and removes the white coating cleanly.
- Ergonomic angle 103° : We developed the most ergonomic scraper by varying the curvature and angle.

Recommend it to someone like this
- Ashamed of yourself for smelling your breath
- Someone who’s not a scarlet tongue
- Who cares about the smell of breath in the mask
- Coffee, tobacco-specific odors
- Someone who doesn’t want to feel bad nausea while wipe the tongue with toothbrush


A safe tongue cleaner
- BPA free
- Toxic element not detected
- Antibacterial certified(99.9%)


How to use
1. Before using, rinse your mouth with water to moisten your tongue.
2. Add a tongue cleaner to the inner part of the tongue and gently sweep it outwards.
3. Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.
4. After use, wash it clean under running water and dry it.


Recommend to change : 4 months
Material : Handle-PP / Scraper-TPR 

Chisol Factory Tongue Cleaner (11 Wide Layer Scraper)

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